ECA Costume Show

The costume show at the Edinburgh College of Art has to be my favorite thing to see among all the graduate programs. It is simply breathtaking to see the beautiful creations.
It's going to take me two posts to share it all, but here's a start. There was Mr. Tumnus, with the idea book on potential fabric choices and the final result.

And this wonderful ship with its very own sea and sea monster.
It's easier to make sense of it on a model.
I'm not sure what the theme of this one was, but it was so fun!

This wonderful witch costume was easier to see in the model photo than in real-life as it was quite dark.
Some of the costumes seemed right out of Star Wars.

Or Sweeney Todd.
I'm not sure what this monster was from, but I loved the eyes on the hat.
And then there was Shakespeare with a twist.

Or this modernized, shorter version of a Renaissance gown.
Of course, there were also costumes that didn't seem to have a theme at all other than to be wonderfully beautiful or fun. I'll share those soon...

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