Scottish Highlands!!! Part 6

Saturday was the day of breathtaking cliffs on the Isle of Skye! After lunch, we went to the Creags.

The cliffs are said to resemble the pleats of a kilt, so they made a visual marker for sailors.

This is where scientists discovered dinosaur tracks that had been preserved in the rocks. How cool!

We also saw Cuith-Raing.

And while not a cliff, we saw the "Giant's Thumb" (it used to be called something else but got cleaned up for tourists).
Of course, the lowlands were beautiful too!

We'd made dinner reservations the night before for a great seafood restaurant in Portree that evening. I ordered the langoustines special, which was special indeed. Priced the same as other nice entrees, I got about TEN of these lovely crustaceans. YUM! Of course, it took me longer to eat them than it took the others to eat their dishes, so I became the entertainment as I cracked and fernangled my way through eating these yummy shellfish.
And still, we had one more day to go - check back for Part 7!
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