Scottish Highlands!!! Part 3

The goal destination of our three day Highlands tour was to visit the Isle of Skye. It's a large island off the west coast of Scotland.
As we drove onto the island, Roger told us about the geological differences of the two tectonic plates that merged to form the island, one made of red rock...
and the other made of black rock.
Of course, all of it was beautiful.
Roger drove us to our various B&Bs and hostels, then we walked to...
the sweet town of Portree where we had dinner.
After dinner we came across this lovely daisy-like flower. I'm not familiar with it - anyone know what it is?
Skye is a place skipped by time in many ways. Some of the old houses look straight out of the stone ages.
We often had to stop and wait for sheep or cows to get out of the road.
But other bits of the island show cutting edge modernity, such as this Michelin Star restaurant, The Three Chimneys.
We couldn't wait for our second day to thoroughly explore this magical island!
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