Scottish Highlands!!! Part 4

I have more to share! Three posts in and we only covered day one of the three-day Rabbie's Tour. Day two we awoke to a gorgeous sunny day - what a treat! Breakfast at our BnB was lovely - they had plenty of GF/DF items for me. The bus picked us up and we headed out into the wilds of Skye.
To the cliffs of Neis Point and the lighthouse there.
We could take one of two paths. One went down a very steep walk out to the lighthouse. (Which meant an uphill walk on the way back.
Or we could take the path that went UP with a downhill walk on the way back. As usual, we took the road less traveled.
We had the views almost to ourselves.
At the top, we came across a WWII Bunker.
It was easy to see why it was put on that spot - it had a very wide view.
We also came across some spots where peat was being gathered. I didn't know what it looked like, so it took a bit to figure out what we were looking at.
It was a wonderful place, but VERY WINDY!!!
     So it was nice to get down lower where there were wide expanses of inlets and water.
With lovely wildflowers and moss.
And seals - although we were too far away for me to get a good photograph. Truly, it was an amazing day and this was just the first half! Come back for more!

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