ECA Jewelry Show

The Jewelry Show at the Edinburgh College of Art is often a fun thing to see, as they create beautiful objects. This year, however, I was especially intrigued by how they presented their creations. There were some truly clever ideas! For instance, I loved the pulleys and weights in this exhibit. Was it jewelry? Sort of, but definitely beautiful.
And these lovely little doohickeys - some of them were tie clips, but most were just beautiful little thingamabobs.
This artist created what looked like miniature comets or meteors along with mine-like spheres. Who knew they could be so lovely?
I adored the mail/pinecone-like construction of these ornaments - but also look at the way she is hanging them - very pretty.
And then there was this idea - this artist put a gorgeous, shiny silver pin against a grungy t-shirt. How inventive for a display!
But my all-time fave was this display. She had 'courage pills'...
along with condoms made into silver rings and displayed in condom packaging. However you feel about condoms, I thought this was so clever!

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