Good-bye Surprise Party!

OMG - our dear friend Connie just threw a good-bye surprise party for us!!!! We were totally surprised too! It was a ton of our friends from Connie's supper club, who all became such close friends of ours - OMG! This just got hard. We have made some marvellous friends here. Penelope says we’ll be back in Edinburgh in 5 years time. Maybe she’s right - who knows? She said we ‘fit’ here. Certainly the ease of the city - the ease of getting together with friends, we’ll miss that so much. Stan and I kept switching seats so that we could talk to everybody - it was magic - pure magic. I can only equate it to our wedding that was over when I turned around - too fast! I was so happy! What love! What joy! I will MISS these people!!!! Love to them all!!!!


Susan Eaddy said...

How LOVELY! Elizabeth you leave joy in your wake, everywhere you go.

Elizabeth O. Dulemba said...

You're too kind, Susan! Can't wait to visit SCBWI Midsouth region again! xxoo e