Scottish Highlands!!! Part 7 - Last one!

Our last day in the Scottish Highlands gave us rain - more fitting perhaps as we got to see it in its more natural state. It was still beautiful. Perhaps it was good that our trip was only three days, as it's taken seven days just to share all the photographs! We saw more of Donan Castle as we drove back by - this time all misty looking, as it should be.

We were hoping to stop by the Dalwinnie Distillery for a tasting (with chocolate!), but it was closed as they were hosting a private affair.
We also went to Loch Ness! Finally, after a lifetime of reading about Nessie! (I was that kid in elementary school who checked out all the books on cryptids, ghosts, and Nessie.) There wasn't much to the town itself, although it was charming.

Running down the center of town are actual locks for boats to pass through.

Sadly, we didn't have any spottings of dear Nessie. Although the day was filled with magic anyhow.

And even in the Highlands, I found a Scottish act of kindness, a hat on a fence, that I added to my Lost Gloves Instagram Project.
I'm so glad we made this trip. Photographs don't do the Highlands justice, you really have to see them in person, if anything to get the scope of space and sheer rawness of the terrain. It's a stunning part of our planet I hope you get to see someday, too!

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