Scottish Highlands!!! Part 5

The second half of our second day on Skye was just as amazing as the first half! My favorite part was going to, what is now my favorite castle, the home of the McCleod clan, Dunvegan Castle.

Here it is with one of their ancient chief's 'tables' in the background.

The castle has an amazing view!

I never thought a castle could feel homey, but this one did, despite its secret passageways.
Servants used them mostly - here's a model to show what it was like.
Here's where she would have lived. Not bad.
Dunvegan is home to the story of the Fairy Flag.

Click the image to view it larger.
The actual fairy flag hangs in the castle.

But the most amazing thing about the castle was the fabulous garden that surrounded it.

I didn't get nearly enough time to see it all.

I wish I could have spent days in that garden!
The visit to Dunvegan set us up to go visit the Fairy Bridge, that is supposedly the border between the human and fairy world, and where, if you wash your face in its waters, you will look young and beautiful forever. Yeah, I had to give it a go!
And still there was more - check back for Part 6!
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