Bologna Book Fair - SCBWI Illustrators' Gallery Shortlist!

Woohoo! I've made it into the shortlist for this well-respected gallery show which will be on display during this year's Bologna Children's Book Fair, which I will finally be attending!
     The images are listed alphabetically by image title, so mine is the last one, called "Where Did She Go." My piece is alongside some pretty amazing company. I especially love the Billy Goats Gruff piece by Nicola Robinson, fellow SCBWI British Isles illustrator. CLICK HERE to have a look at all the finalists! (I think, I hope this page is open for public viewing.)
     At any rate, this is an awesome welcome to Italy for me! I can't wait for the Fair way away in April.
     Here was my entry...


OMG so proud! This is wonderful! Congrats. Also this is my favorite illustration from an awesome story!
Gretchen said…
Congratulatioñs, Elizabeth! This is an eye opener!
Love your work and congratulations again. All of us back here in the mountains are so proud of you. Lead on my friend.
Thank you guys!!! You were there for its inception, Vicky! Thanks, Gretchen and Lynne! Hope you'll come visit soon! Hugs, e
Tina Hanlon said…
I love this illustration and wish I could go to Bologna with you! Congratulations.
Wow wow wow! So happy for you, e - well deserved. And yay that you get to go to Bologna! XO

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