Friday Linky List - 22 January 2016

At The Bookseller: Pullman resigns from Oxford Lit Fest over author pay (there is none) - interesting!

From The Washington Post: One of America's most popular children's books has a secret political message

From Janice Hardy's Fiction University: 5 Ways to Tell if a Subplot is Leading You Astray

At Bran Lindy Ayres "Let's Get Complicated": The Non-Traditional Hero: Part 1 (Read them all!)

From Idealist4Ever: 50 of the Most Beautiful Sentences in Literature

From Houzz: See the Estate That Drove Jack London to Write

From The Bookseller: IBBY announces Hans Christian Andersen Awards shortlist

At The Write Conversation: Write to Entertain Yourself

At HuffPost: 5 Things Every Author Needs to Understand About Book Cover Design

From BBC: Is the writing on the wall for handwriting?


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