Seven Stories

I had heard wonderful things about Seven Stories for years. Best I can tell, it's a little like the Eric Carle museum in the states, although Seven Stories has been there longer and also houses archives of children's books along with their main museum and activity center.
     Thank goodness Susan and Phil Gates were our guides. I'm not sure we would have found it on our own.
And it was so worth the trip. It truly is a magical place - literally seven stories of art exhibits (which I took tons of pictures of for personal reference). There was a show of watercolors by Michael Foreman which I absorbed
And an exhibit of originals collected by the museum over the years. Can you say 'eye candy'? Ugg - I'd be fat if they came with calories!
Reading spaces, nooks and crannies are scattered throughout the museum. Susan and I donned crowns on the royal thrones.
Best of all was on the top floor - a reading room which has been transformed in honor of the new Harry Potter exhibit (artwork from the new Graphic Novel illustrated by Jim Kay). We took lots of pictures there. Some of my faves were of Stan in that Hogwarts witches hat!
I need to make this my new avatar.
Phil posed in yet another perfect reading chair.
The bookstore had one of the best collections of classics and new treasures I've ever seen. And behind it all, docked in the river, was the Pea Green Boat from The Owl and the Pussycat. Here's my hard-to-see photo of it in the dark.
CLICK HERE to see what it looks like in better light.
     As if I needed another reason to visit Newcastle - I have a feeling I'll be back just to do research at this treasure of a place!


Marilyn M. M. said...


How I love that "Beautiful pea green boat!" And all of your posts.

I do hope you are planning to offer a specialized tour of Scotland and England for all us picture book people!

Marilyn (Awaiting a snow storm!)

Elizabeth O. Dulemba said...

I know YOU love that pea green boat Marilyn! I am always happy to show folks around this fabulous city! Hugs, e