Illustration Challenge #31

In honor of my Unofficial Jack Tales week, choose a folk tale - preferably a Jack Tale (like Jack and the Beanstalk) and do an illustration for it. Maybe you'll use pen and ink, or maybe you'll create a folk-art piece. Whichever - feel free to link to it in my comments below!


Mutsmag said...

Illustrators pursuing this challenge might want to use one of the Appalachian Jack Tales or other folktales in the Fiction and Poems section of my web site AppLit: Resources for Readers and Teachers of Appalachian Literature ( I'd love to see their illustrations! A couple of the tales there have some illustration but many are from folklore archives. You'll see that many of them aren't edited but I'd love to collaborate with artists and edit more tales if they want to contribute illustrations. Thanks, Elizabeth! Tina Hanlon,

Elizabeth O. Dulemba said...

Thanks for sharing, Tina! It's a great resource!! :)