Drawing Raptors at the College of Art

Apparently it is an annual tradition for raptors to visit the University of Edinburgh College of Art, for us lucky students to draw.
We gathered in the 4th floor undergrad illustration studio, which has an amazing view of the castle beyond these windows.
Archie McCrone of Alba Falconry (Alba is gaelic for Scotland) brought six of his birds. There was Percy the Peregrine Falcon.
Blue the Red Tailed Hawk.
Bonnie the Barn Owl who sat in front of me calmly the whole time, and who I got to pet.
Kenny the Kestrel who pretty much never stopped moving.
Skippy the Boobook who was full of personality. He STARED at us, and nibbled on us (cute, not painful).
But the star of the show was Edward - an Eagle Owl. He was HUGE and had the greatest expressions! He also had a fan on him most of the time, but still got a little hot.
We got to pet his enormous feet.
Archie held each bird and explained them to us.
And we drew like crazy. Here are some of my sketches.

This was such a treat - and a nice segue back into the classroom after spring break. Have I mentioned how much fun I'm having here?

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Daffodil Cards said...

What a great experience and you have made wonderful drawing of them.