My Carbon Footprint in Edinburgh

     We don't own a car here in Edinburgh - we don't need one. In fact, one of the things I love about this city is that I can walk everywhere. Recently, I filled in a survey with the University of Edinburgh (they're constantly checking in to see how we're doing - very cool) about my mode of travel to and from school. I'll occasionally take the bus if the weather is really terrible, but that's rare. Mostly, I walk 1.6 miles to school. It's a lovely walk through St. Andrews Square, down Rose Street, around the Prince's Street Garden, in the shadow of the castle, and to school. As a result, here's my carbon footprint according to the survey - 0!
I'm so proud! I wonder what my carbon footprint was in the states where I had to drive everywhere? It's an advantage to living in a walkable city and makes me feel especially proud on this Earth Day.
     And don't forget - I have tons of Earth Day coloring pages available - CLICK HERE or the image to the right to go have a look and share with your friends.


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